USAF investigating unit after 35 members test positive for COVID-19 in Guam


Guam is seeing an increase in coronavirus infections at Andersen Air Force Base, with 35 members hospitalized and quarantined.

The servicemembers were part of an unidentified unit that arrived on May 25, and were staying at the Guam Reef Hotel.

An investigation has been launched by the USAF to see if mandatory protection protocols were followed.

“All military members are subject to the established public health emergency protocols,” Brig. Gen. Gentry Boswell, commander of the 36th Air Wing, stationed at the base, said on Monday. “If the ensuing investigation determines that members did not follow these directives in a disciplined manner, they will be held accountable for their actions under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.”

According to UPI, it isn’t clear if the servicemembers contracted the virus before or after coming to Guam.

Still, the servicemembers and their activities are being looked at with scrutiny.

“Preliminary evidence in a public health investigation revealed the possibility that some of these members may not have adhered to Andersen and local Public Health directives,” Boswell added.

Guam, particularly the Naval Base on the island, has been a hotspot for coronavirus related incidents since becoming the quarantine site for the USS Theodore Roosevelt.

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