USAF pilot in hospital after ejecting from F-16 in Germany


A US military fighter jet crashed on Tuesday near the south-western German city of Trier, leaving its pilot with minor injuries.

The F-16 Fighting Falcon crashed around 3 pm (1300 GMT) during a routine training excercise, according to a report posted on the website of the Spangdahlem Air Base, to which the aircraft was assigned.

“The pilot ejected safely and has been recovered with minor injuries,” the report said. “A board of officers will investigate the accident.”

The pilot was hospitalized.

The mayor of the local municipality of Zemmer said the aircraft crashed in a wooded area. Trier police said the crash site and surrounding area had been sealed off.

There was no information available on any damage caused by the accident.

Residents were told to steer clear of the crash site.

The incident comes four months after the mid-air collision and crash of two German military jets in the north-east of the country in which one of the two pilots died.

The 52nd Fighter Wing of the US Air Force is stationed at the Spangdahlem Air Base with at least 24 F-16 jets. Around 4,000 US soldiers are also stationed at the base.


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