USAF to lose aircraft due to DoD budget dollars going to border wall


Around 3.8 billion dollars in DoD funding may be going spending along the border between the US and Mexico, costing the military a handful of aircraft, vehicles and extra money for government equipment replacement programs.

The US Air Force will be losing around $336 million in the deal, which will ultimately result in the loss of future purchasing power for several F-35s, four C-130Js and eight MQ-9 UAVs.

The Navy, which is just as guilty as the Air Force when it comes to being a big spender, will have to spend less and learn how to procure quality ships without cost overruns. In addition, it will lose two F-35Bs, two V-22s and one P-8. Furthermore, it expects to purchase one fewer Arleigh Burke-class destroyer and Virginia Class submarine than originally planned.

The Army will lose around $201 million, which was mostly slated to update or replace HMMWVs.

According to Task & Purpose, the National Guard will lose a total of $1.3 billion that had been slated for equipment.

Top Republican on the House Armed Services Committee, Rep. Mac Thornberry,  has objected to “diverting critical military resources that are need and in law” in order to secure the porous border.

“Once Congress has appropriated money to the Defense Department, the Pentagon cannot change how those funds will be spent without lawmakers’ approval, Thornberry said. “Attempts to do so undermine the principle of civilian control in the military and is in violation of the separation of powers within the Constitution.”

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