USAF vet transfers millions raised through the “Wall” GoFundMe to a new initiative

Brian Kolfage

Triple-amputee and retired Senior Airman Brian Kolfage has shifted the goalposts for his well-known GoFundMe campaign to help the US Government build the wall between the US and Mexico, now focusing on a non-profit organization arrangement to get the barrier built.

Kolfage, who served as a Security Forces Airman and lost his legs and an arm during a rocket attack in Iraq, initially set up an online wall-funding campaign in the early phases of the Christmas season, in hopes to raise $1 billion in border wall funds.

As of Monday, Kolfage raised around $20 million, though it remains a far cry from the $6 billion President Donald J. Trump and his allies are seeking for the wall’s construction.

According to, Kolfage has reorganized his campaign to funnel funds into We Build the Wall, a non-profit that seeks to privately build part of the wall through donations.

“We’re not trying to build the whole southern border wall,” Kolfage said on Monday as he explained his position on the issue.

Kolfage believes that by privately funding portions of the wall, it will inspire and motivate others to contribute to the wall-building effort.

After a review by GoFundMe and Kolfage, all donations made prior to January 11 must be “opted-in” by their donors in order to continue with the project. Those who do not opt-in will receive refunds within 90 days.

So far, over half of the money has allegedly been transferred to the new wall effort, which is under the 501(c)4 name WeBuildTheWall, Inc.

Kolfage re-organized the initiative after consulting with “leading professionals in law, politics, national security, construction and finance,” who effectively told him that the federal government would not be able to quickly accept the donations, and that the public is better-suited to ensure efficient construction along the border.

In order to prevent muddying the waters and losing bipartisan support, We BuildThe Wall will not engage in lobbying.

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