Video: 2500 Rounds of BRRRRRRRRRRRRRT!

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 8.51.29 AM

This is what happens when an A-10 pilot discovers GoPro. Seldom in the storied annals of Hawglore has anyone assembled on film such a riotous procession of GAU-8 actuations … and the result is pure joy. Watch for yourself.

Of the many theories I’ve heard for why the Air Force wants to rid itself of this wondrous machine built around a wonderfully terrifying molten core, none have made sense. Here in this video we have a great argument for a 69-year A-10 service life extension … and the argument consists of a single expression: “BRRRRRRRRT.”

It’s a sound that makes pilots laugh, soldiers cheers, and enemies piss themselves. It’s the sound that signals the arrival of the best Close Air Support platform ever built. And assuming strategic wisdom and common sense can prevail over myopic idiocy, it’s a sound that’ll be heard over battlefields for many more years to come.

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