Video: Air Force Master Sergeant Leads Lifesaving Fire Rescue in Korea

KNS Raimondo

A video posted on Saturday to the Facebook page of Bill Frost appears to show a group of people rallying to save residents trapped in a burning building in South Korea. The group gets together to form a makeshift safety net into which three young children are safely tossed from a window several stories above. Three women then jump from the window, also caught by the gang below.

According to Frost, whose account is supported by Korean media coverage, the rescue effort was led by Air Force Master Sergeant Daniel Raimondo. An Air Force news story from earlier this year lists Raimondo as an emergency management superintendent assigned to the 8th Fighter Wing at Kunsan Air Base.

Here’s the video posted by Frost, with his caption below:

One of my stellar Airmen / teammates, MSgt Daniel Raimondo, helped save 3 women and 3 babies from this burning building outside Osan Airbase, Korea, by rallying folks on the street to help him hold a blanket while convincing mothers to toss their babies and then themselves from four stories to escape the flames. You’re awesome Danny!

And here’s a video posted the same day by KBS News that corroborates Frost’s account while providing a better camera angle. While a sizable crowd looks in helpless agony, a small group reacts swiftly:


If it’s true that MSgt. Raimondo led this rescue effort, he is a bona fide hero responsible for saving several lives. We’ll keep you updated on this story as we learn more.

Update: AFN has now posted video about this incident. Looks like several airmen and soldiers were involved in the rescue. Bravo to these people for saving an entire family.

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