Well, Bye.


Here’s an excerpt lifted from the “USAF Women Officer Forum” … a semi-private Facebook group that has apparently devolved into a cheerleading section for soon-to-be-former Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James (in fairness, some members of the forum pushed back).

“Ladies – Shameless post/plea! I help run Secretary James Facebook page and we are really close to getting to 75K likes before she leaves office on Friday. If you haven’t yet and wouldn’t mind, can you like her page as one final show of support/thanks? Her page is Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James and we need about 25 likes. Thanks!”

The gambit seems to have worked. As we go to press, her page has 75,312 likes. Plot twist: there is still time to duck back under the goal if we all unlike. Let’s make it happen. Here’s me doing my part:





But these snips of JQP exercising his civic duty are not as interesting as the cover photo Debbie Lee chose for her page on her last day as SecAF:


How cute. They’re all so happy to be with her.

This is masterful propaganda from a world-class political commissar. She’s got women, minorities, and even the notably toxic Lt. Gen. Jack Weinstein (“look Congress, I care about nukes!). In fairness, she has some superb airmen to her left and right, including two who have bled for their country and deserve to be in better company. But they’re being used as stage props.

What she doesn’t have in her staged photo-op is a standard issue pilot in an Air Force standard issue flight suit, sleeves slightly curled, mustache unruly, exaggerated mach tuck screaming “fuck you Al Qaeda.” Her sendoff photo is a reflection of her tenure … a commercial advertising an alternative reality where we expect victory without lethality and champion appearances over reality.

Here’s a more fitting sendoff for someone about to go from overpaid distraction conspiring to kill independent air power to an utterly forgotten, out-to-pasture reject of the deep state.


Well, bye.

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